Milan – Immigration

Immigration to Italy and one’s ability to do so varies greatly on the country that you are applying from. There are a wide variety of ways to immigrate and obtain a visa, including those for students, investors and more.

Natives coming from European Union countries do not need any visa to travel to or move to Italy. For those not coming from the European Union, Italian work visas are available but are limited by quotas and vary by industry and visa type.

For students studying in Italy, it should be noted that a student visa can be changed to a work visa upon completion of studies and approval by the Italian immigration authorities.

For those that are seeking to do business in Italy or invest, there are entrepreneur visas available. There is a minimum investment for the application process which currently stands at 50,000 Euros to develop the start-up company, in addition to filing a detailed business plan showcasing operation plans, revenue structure and ultimately employment and planned tax figures.